Accident victims, Cancer patients and those suffering from paralysis can be treated at the hospital with Spiral CT Scan. To make available those facilities which are not easily available in the vicinity is the philosophy behind creating this infrastructure and has thus rendered it to be perceived as an “oasis” for the patients.

If the CT Scan photographs indicate any “tumour” in any part of the body then biopsy can be carried out. Interventional Radiology can help in removing parts of “tumour” from lungs, chest, stomach; neck etc. and the same can then be used for diagnosis. Similarly Digital X-ray with image distribution software can offer tremendously improved results for the x-ray image.

A special scheme is implemented using Ultrasonography to detect & treat any medical anomaly in a patient before it leads to complications. Accordingly, sonography is conducted for free for poor patients after getting them to the hospital in an ambulance. This has helped in timely detection and treatment for kidney-stone, problems related to uterus & some tumors etc. Doppler equipment helps in checking the blood flow and gangrene can be prevented. The hospital thus offers medical treatment aided by modern technology. Mammography helps to detect breast cancer at very early stage.