The hospital is today in the midst of expansion from serving 300 beds capacity to 500 beds capacity with 14 operation theatres instead of the current 7. All the operation theatres are air-conditioned and include laparoscope, image intensifiers, different types of monitors & ventilators. These operation theatres would handle a range of surgeries including simple procedures for treatment of hernia to complicated ones like that for knee replacement, spine surgeries, Cancer surgeries.

Intensive care units are available for patients who have undergone complicated surgeries, new-born babies etc. Haemodialysis units are also available considering the need for the same for patients in serious condition. 4 units from Baxter are used for this purpose. For ensuring water purity in dialysis treatment, various water purification techniques like RO System etc. are used. All wards in the hospital are connected to each other by computers. This enables the doctors to view any report in any ward & administer treatment accordingly. Availability of internet helps in obtaining views of doctors from abroad in the treatment of some patients. Arrangements in the hospital which provide clean fresh air and light along with cleanliness have always impressed the patients.

The state-of-the-art health services offered at fraction of cost, medicines made available at reduced rates, dedicated staff, transparency in financial transactions and the focus on patients, all this means that the patient is convinced of a positive experience from the beginning itself.

The hospital is having 300 beds and all its supporting departments are located in one campus. It has ICU, Surgical ICU, Neonatal ICU, Operation Theatres and a well equipped Diagnostic Centre, having facilities of CT Scanner, 2D Echo, Color Doppler, Tread mill test, Haemodialysis Unit.

The ICU department is well equipped with Ventilators, Defibrillators, Pacemakers etc. to take care of the critically ill patients. Similarly, Neonatal ICU, established since 1997 with 10 incubators and a ventilator, is the only ICU available in entire Konkan Region to take care of neonates and more than 3000 neonates have been nursed in the NICU so far. Haemodialysis unit takes care of acute and chronic renal failure. Operation Theatre is equipped with all kinds of Scopes like Laparoscope, Cystoscope, nephro - ureteroscope, arthroscope & image intensifier.