Provide a day’s meals for 40 poor patients in the Gynecology ward of our hospital


B.K.L. Walawalkar Hospital provides nutritional food supplements to pregnant women whose families cannot afford to feed them through a comprehensive programme called 'Dohale Jevan'.

How It Works

  • Through many of its special programmes, the hospital attempts to provide services to the economically challenged at subsidized rates.
  • It does not charge for out-door consultation and registration and the General Wards are available free of cost, with meals provided free of charge.
  • BKLWH has observed that many donors prefer to make lumpsum donations in memory of their loved ones.
  • For such donors, BKLWH has been running a programme 'Dohale Jevan' for pregnant women.
  • The scheme operates in two ways.
    1. One could pay a certain amount of money, and BKLWH would ensure that all the in-patients of the hospital receive their meals free-of-cost on a day chosen by the donor.
    BKLWH would highlight such contributions by placing notices at strategic locations.
    2. Alternatively, the donor could contribute a higher amount of money and tell BKLWH which day of the year s/he would like to dedicate to his/her loved one.
    We would then provide free meals on the chosen day each year in the same manner as described above.

Provide a days meal for 40 poor patientsProvide a days meal for 40 poor patients

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