Emergency Care

The hospital has ICU, Surgical ICU, Neonatal ICU, Operation Theatres and a well equipped Diagnostic Centre, having facilities of CT Scanner, 2D Echo, Color Doppler, Tread mill test, Haemodialysis Unit. The ICU is well equipped with Ventilators, Defibrillators, Pacemakers etc. to take care of the critically ill patients. Similarly, Neonatal ICU, established since 1997 with 10 incubators and a ventilator, is the only ICU available in entire Konkan Region to take care of neonates and thousands of neonates have been nursed in the NICU so far. Haemodialysis unit takes care of acute and chronic Renal failure. Operation Theatre is equipped with all kinds of Scopes like Laparoscope, Cystoscope, nephro - ureteroscope, arthroscope & image intensifier.


Hospital is situated on Mumbai - Goa Highway. All the traffic accident patients are shifted to hospital for treatment. Head injury patients, multiple fracture patients, different types of fracture, spinal cord injury, abdominal trauma like Spleenic rupture, DV perforation, liver tear injury, ectopic pregnancy, emergency L.S.C.S., bleeding esophageal varies etc. are treated in the hospital. Such type of patients are first examined in the casualty & then admitted immediately for further treatment.



Care All types of critically ill patients are treated in I.C.U. e.g. acute myocardial infarction, diabetic coma, cardiac arythramias, head injury, poisoning snake bite, scorpion sting, cerebra vascular accident, intracerebral bleed, head injury, acute bronchial, asthma, spinal injury, multiple fractures etc cases are treated in critical care.