Social & Cultural Activities

A social activity needs connect & association with the people’s representatives and government officials. An important link with the village is the village head-man. There are also others like the village-worker & the toy-school (“Anganwadi”) teacher. For spreading the knowledge about various schemes of the hospital among the entire population, the hospital organises separate seminars for all of them. Specialist doctors brief them about the schemes being run by the hospital. It is yet another way in which the hospital is trying to spread health-awareness.

The hospital aims at helping every human being to achieve and maintain his health and hence happiness. All the seminars, meetings, get-togethers towards achieving this aim involve the relevant government officials from the Ratnagiri district.

Haldi Kumkum programme

B.K.L. Walawalkar Hospital’s Community department celebrates Haldi kumkum every year by encouraging women to get together to celebrate their role in society and start fresh with each other for the New Year.

Women who express devotion to their families, venerate they would love specially and have symbolic ties of love and affection with this gigantic tree which grows in every region and lives for centuries.

Dohale Jevan (Baby Shower Ceremony)

With an aim to elicit the community participation of ANC mothers and spreading awareness amongst them, a unique initiative was taken up by BKL Walawalkar Hospital. Lack of knowledge, Young age, fear of delivery causes the pregnant woman to be under stress all the time. To release this stress & pressure, the hospital arranges Baby Shower ceremony for the pregnant women on a konthly basis.

B.K.L. Walawalkar Hospital’s Community department has a strong commitment to help and uplift the underprivileged sections of society. The socio-economic differences in society does not make possible for poor people to celebrate such type of activities. We arrange common celebration of all expecting mother and also take this as an opportunity to educate women about managing symptoms, diet, exercise, and general care tips that will keep them and their baby healthy.